Top 3 ultimate fish hunting strategies you should know.

Top 3 ultimate fish hunting strategies you should know.

Below are some tips for playing 777Color Fish Shooting that you can refer to improve your skills and net faster:

Use the fringe shooting strategy

  • Avoid shooting big fish: A common mistake for new players is trying to shoot the big fish to quickly earn more money. However, failing to kill these large fish can lead to significant money loss. Instead, you should take advantage of the small fish to accumulate money.
  • Shoot fish as they enter the table: When new fish swim onto the table, they often have a higher death rate. Focus on shooting these fish because the chances of hitting them are high.
  • Shoot single fish: For fish swimming alone, do not use big guns. Use medium or small bullets and stop shooting when they swim away, to avoid wasting money and ammunition.

Choose the moment for chain shooting – Shooting fish in schools

  • A good time for chain shooting is when many types of fish appear on the screen and have not been shot yet.
  • Use appropriate guns and bullets to shoot multiple fish in a short time.
  • When there is a school of more than 10 fish, use medium-range guns and bullets to continuously shoot from 2 to 5 times in each burst.
  • Place small bets to avoid losing a lot of money in case you miss your shots.

Leverage weapons in the game 777Color Fish Shooting

Utilizing weapons in 777Color Fish Shooting is an important part of the strategy, specifically as follows:

Choose the right guns and bullets:

  • The gun should be suitable for the size of the fish: When selecting a gun, consider the size of the fish you are targeting. The gun should have appropriate power and range to make shooting fish easier. For small fish, a light gun may be sufficient, while for larger fish, a more powerful gun is a better choice.
  • Use different bullets for different types of fish: Not all fish are easy to shoot with standard bullets. Use special bullets for harder-to-kill fish or those larger in size to save your regular bullets for easier targets.

Use special weapons such as:

  • Exploding bombs: This weapon has the ability to destroy all types of fish within your sight. Use it when you have the chance to hit many fish at the same time to increase your score quickly.
  • Cannons: This is a powerful weapon for dealing with large fish. With 7 levels of ammunition, you can adjust the power according to the type of fish you are facing.
  • Electric shock: This weapon causes all fish on the screen to lose health, helping you shoot them faster and score higher points.
  • Radiation: Use radiation to increase your chances of hitting fish. This is an effective weapon to earn double bonus points.
  • Poison: Use poison darts to create more fish with a single shot, helping you score points quickly and maximize the benefits from each bullet.
  • Shark traps: When you release a shark, all the fish in sight will be quickly destroyed, meaning you have the opportunity to earn high points in a short period of time.
  • Double gold: Use an item to double your gold, helping you earn more money and increase the success rate.

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